3000 Littre 10bar Vertical Air Tank

  • Vertical Air Receiver Tank Manufacturer in India’s “Air-fried” Delight Recipe
    1 Vertical Air Receiver Tank from a trusted manufacturer in India
    2 cups of high-pressure air
    1 tablespoon of innovation
    A dash of precision engineering
    A pinch of quality control

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CE & ISO 9001:2015 Export Quality Made in India
Vertical Air Receiver Tank Material Of Contrustion : IS2062
Capacity : 3000 Litre ( 3 M3)
Technical Specifications: Size : 1320mm X Height : 2670mm
Safe.Work.Pressure : 10KG/CM2, Design Pressure : 11KG/CM2
Hydro Test Pressure : 15KG/CM2
Thickness Shell : 08MM., Dish : 10MM
Complete Color Package
And.All.Std. Accessories
(Safety Valve ,Pressure Gauge ,Manual Drain Valve )
Document: Hydro Test Lab Certificate, Pressure gauge calibration lab test certificates, Safety valve lab test certificates, all test will be in house in our factory.
weight 850kg approx.

Looking for a reliable Vertical Air Receiver Tank Manufacturer in India? Look no further! Our high-quality vertical air receiver tanks are built to withstand high pressures and are designed for easy installation in any industrial setting. With durable construction and efficient performance, our vertical air receiver tanks are the perfect solution for storing compressed air in your facility. Choose a trusted Vertical Air Receiver Tank Manufacturer in India for all your air storage needs.

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