2000 Littre 10bar Vertical Air Tank

  • Made of Supreme Quality With CE Certified
  • Durable Mechanical Energy
  • With Ball Valve, Drain Valve, Safety Valve
  • With Hydrotest Report

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CE & ISO 9001:2015 Export Quality Vertical Air Receiver Tank
Technical Specifications: Capacity : 2,000 Litre ( 2 M3)
Material of Construction: IS 2062, Code of construction- IS 2825 Class- III, Technical Specifications :Size: 1000mm dia x 2850 mm length
Maximum Operating Pressure: 10.0 kg/cm2, Design Pressure : 11.0 kg/cm2 (11.0 Bar), Hydro Test Pressure: 16.5 kg/cm2 (16.5 Bar)
Thickness: 12mm Shell X 14mm Dished
Painted: Internal Surface clean with epoxy primer with
External surface one primer with High Epoxy primer with Final
coat IR Beige Color. 50 micron
Included all Accessories: 01) Safety Valve 1”, 02) Pressure Gauge 1/2″, Manual Drain Valve 1″
Document: Hydro Test Lab Certificate, Pressure gauge calibration lab test certificates, Safety valve lab test certificates, all test will be in house in our factory.
Freight charge extra.

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