Order Tracking FAQs

How do I place an order?
It’s very simple to place an order on AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT‘s platform.
1. You have to search for the product which you want from our search window box.
2. If tenders and negotiation options were used, compare the best quotes, and decide which to go with.
3. Enter your billing & shipping address with your area pin code
4. You must mention you want door delivery or transporter’s godown delivery
5. Choose your payment mode online as per shown our payment getaway
For any queries or assistance, you can always reach out to info@marutiaircompressor.com or +91-9825464263

Does AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT sell the products?
All the products on the website are sold by the sellers who are registered and verified on our platform. AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT only provides the marketplace services to the customers and suppliers.

How will I know if the order is placed successfully?
Once you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation on email, SMS, WhatsApp with the order details. Alternatively, you can also check the details in the page linked to your MY ACCOUNT.

Can I place bulk orders on AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT ?
AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT is the one-stop destination for all your bulk-orders. You can use our tools to get the best rates for all your orders. For more details call us at +91-9825464263 or email us info@marutiaircompressor.com

How will my order get delivered?
AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT has tied up with many technology-enabled logistic providers. The order will be delivered to your doorstep using our partners. The delivery might take 5-7 days depending on the order quantity and the serviceability area.

How can I track my order?
An SMS and an email with the shipment information will be sent to you as soon as you place an order. You can use the shipment information to track the order on the transport or courier company’s website to see the current status of the order. Please note tracking information may not be available for all carriers.

How quickly will my order get delivered?
Usually, it takes less than 3 working days to get your order delivered, but for heavy items and orders in bulk, it might take a bit longer depending on the serviceability and the goods.