Cancellation and Return Policy

Do you offer replacement?
Yes, we do offer replacement under the following conditions:
1. Wrong order
2. Defective or damaged product
3. Considerably different from the description on AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT‘s platform
4. In case of bearings or power transmission belts, replacement will not be accepted if the seal or
shield has been removed
5. The replacement has to be initiated within 7 days of receiving the order

Do you accept product return if the box is open?
The return policy is seller specific on AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT‘s platform. For details on the return policies, please refer to the product page of the product(s) you are planning to order. However, we have a sitewide replacement policy and you can check the details above.

How do I inform AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT‘s for return/replacement or damaged product?

AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT‘s and it’s logistic partners take due care in delivering the product(s) in the best condition, however in the rare occasion of damaged goods being received or any
discrepancies with the products received, you can reach out to us at and +91-9825464263 within 7 days of receiving the order, to resolve your issue. For detailed return and replacement policy, please go through the entire page.

Can I cancel the order?
For cancellation, you can reach out to us at +91-9825464263/ or request for order cancellation from the My Orders section in your My Account. You have up to 48 Hours from the time of placing your order to cancel your order.

Can AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT cancel the order?
AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT can cancel the order for various reasons such as:
1. Product out-of-stock
2. Area for delivery not serviceable
3. Incomplete address
4. Other reasons based on AIR COMPRESSOR EXPORT‘s business discretion

If I requested for a replacement, when will I get it?
After the order put for replacement is returned successfully and checked, we will initiate the
replacement order from our end. You can track your replacement order status using your order
page. You will also be updated regularly using different channels like SMS and email.

If I have ordered many items, can I return/replace one or more items or do I have to
return/replace the entire order?
Return/Replacement of an entire order is not compulsory in this case. You can return one or many
items in your order.

What should I do if I have an issue with my product after the return policy period?
You can get in touch with the brand or an authorized service center of the brand to claim the
warranty for your product if applicable.